Sunday, January 30, 2011

Holy crap, 15 followers already?!

Thanks guys, for taking a chance and checking out what my blog is all about. I'll make it worth your while and try to post more.

Where was I? Interesting and m16 strats and a little about the Enfield.

Some fun things with the m16:
  • Throw a noobtube on the bottom and get them seperated, then pick them off one by one. Probably better with the China Lake, but I haven't got a chance to do anything but be killed by it.

  • Equip steady aim and use it like a shotgun.

  • If you suck this is one of those weapons you can turn your sensitivity down for. Notch it down to one and watch your corners and look at your cheap kill count rise. Though you'll still get tagged in the back and just plain run past it's not a good strategy, but if you're already playing the game like Anne Frank, you might well be an effective troll.
Sources and shout-outs:

Xbox Ahoy's m-16 guide
Call of duty wiki, m-16.

The Enfield XL64  is a is the second assault rifle available for purchase from level five. It's probably the easiest rifle to use, ADSing in a fifth of a second. The fire rate is slower and the recoil low, making even the noobiest noob a deadly weapon. Great for reckless offense with taped mags, marathon and SOH.

  The gun is one of the more effective suppressed guns. Which does drop it to a four hit kill at a closer distance than unsuppressed, but it comes with the advantage of being able to get closer before being engaged. So far, I'm not a big fan of load-outs with a lot of different factors doing the same thing, like ghost/counter-spy plane, hacker/flak jacket and Strela/Ghost. While it may seem intuitive to run with ghost/suppressed to stay completely off the map, I feel like it's limiting. Instead of going all Ghost Recon on these people, try lightweight/law/suppressed for maximum spawn harvesting. I recommend spyplane/napalm/attack helo or sentry gun, depending on skill level. Ghosty fools will love you if you run with sentry gun, and I'm finding it a pretty effective killstreak, but I digress.(Am I clever enough to end these like Xbox Ahoy? Let's find out) This combo will keep you in the know of where they're at through recon and map control. You'll find your targets unable to avoid your killing field, (no.)


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