Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Out of comish

Alright, I know everyone's getting a little angry that I haven't posted in awhile.

Coming soon: My miserable sniper only prestige.

Coming now: Virus rage. So I got a used computer on ebay say about a year and half ago. I'm as lazy as they come, so my security system and anti virus provisions were basically non existent. When I finally got around to seeing what newcomers were bloated and outdated, and found myself a couple good programs I run a scan and see that my safe browsing habits have allowed me to avoid any serious infestation. It's exciting, I'm ashamed to admit it, but I felt a little invincible.

Of course, this all came crashing down yesterday. The day came to cash in my non existent digital insurance plan. I was owned. Somehow a rootkit got into my temp file and raised all kinds of hell. It was late when the attack presented itself, so I just ran a scan and restarted it. Cut to today when I begin today's fights. Now this SOB would not let me do anything. Open up chrome, and it got into my proxy settings. Open up task manager and it prompts that it's infected. There's a new icon on my desktop that's prompting me to buy something. And get anti-virus coverage. My car has less gas than I thought it did, so I'm going to go ahead and blame that too.

Now I thought I was gone. I thought that I was going to have to disable networking and figure out what files I wanted to take with me to restore. When I noticed that on start up I could pull up the task manager. After a couple of attempts I find the only thing that I can't delete from my temp folder. I manage to get into task manager before it does and stop it as it starts to load. This enables me to system restore and then as soon as I was done with my Chicago style pizza (soooo good)  I was able to use this stupid computer again. My bookmarks are even entact! Though I'm still having trouble with FireFox for some reason, so I'll be out of blogging commission until I figure that out. Hopefully a re-install will sort out whatever trouble it's having.

Alright people, thanks for listening. I'm sure no one cares, but I figured I'd fill you in so you wouldn't think I died or something. Back to Black Ops!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Wow, you guys are just too awesome!

Seeing my subs double makes me want to bring you some m14 love! Unfortunately, I just prestieged and am playing around with the awful Dragunov until I unlock the m14. I'll ask my live buddies to brainstorm some awesome Enfeild uses, which might be less than fruitful seeing as everyone seems to hate it and switch it out for the Famas first chance they get. Maybe I'm just a COD hipster and wanna use what's hard just to shoot myself in the foot. Well, I guess I am using the Dragunov instead of the m16, so hypothesis confirmed.

 Anyway, taped mags with SOH is standard fare. I know I said I don't like load-outs that do a lot of the same thing. But taped gives you more ammo and non existent reload times.  This, with the Enfield's ADS time means as long as you "cut the cake" (check corners sightline by sightline; only have one tango in sight at a time.) then you're free to run around like a noob. Flak Jacket's great for leading a rush, Ghost is great for flanking the rush, Hardline is great if you can rush cautiously. Honestly, I'd recommend anything for rushing except scavenger and lightweight. Lightweight might seem like a no brainer, but unless I'm dealing with a weapon with a limited range it's honestly my least favorite blue perk. Scavenger is iffy, because with a rush you'll be dying a lot. This makes hardline kind of iffy, but you can spam 2-3-4 streaks because you're in the action the most.

My green perk is typically Tac Mask, with me throwing bitch grenades desperately trying to get the pro variant. But if I put on my try hard shoes, it'll be marathon with me running around like a suicide bomber who wants to get it over with because of the shitty acid trip British gun they gave me. I didn't mention this before, but the XL is eXperimental Land and the 64 is the year of conception. Ahoy and IMFDB has more on this strange weapon if I've not satisfied.

Sources and Shout Outs:
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Xbox Ahoy: Stakeout (New)
TmarTn and Woody's Gamertag live Firing Range callouts (New!)

Too long? Too short? Too boring? Let me know!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Holy crap, 15 followers already?!

Thanks guys, for taking a chance and checking out what my blog is all about. I'll make it worth your while and try to post more.

Where was I? Interesting and m16 strats and a little about the Enfield.

Some fun things with the m16:
  • Throw a noobtube on the bottom and get them seperated, then pick them off one by one. Probably better with the China Lake, but I haven't got a chance to do anything but be killed by it.

  • Equip steady aim and use it like a shotgun.

  • If you suck this is one of those weapons you can turn your sensitivity down for. Notch it down to one and watch your corners and look at your cheap kill count rise. Though you'll still get tagged in the back and just plain run past it's not a good strategy, but if you're already playing the game like Anne Frank, you might well be an effective troll.
Sources and shout-outs:

Xbox Ahoy's m-16 guide
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The Enfield XL64  is a is the second assault rifle available for purchase from level five. It's probably the easiest rifle to use, ADSing in a fifth of a second. The fire rate is slower and the recoil low, making even the noobiest noob a deadly weapon. Great for reckless offense with taped mags, marathon and SOH.

  The gun is one of the more effective suppressed guns. Which does drop it to a four hit kill at a closer distance than unsuppressed, but it comes with the advantage of being able to get closer before being engaged. So far, I'm not a big fan of load-outs with a lot of different factors doing the same thing, like ghost/counter-spy plane, hacker/flak jacket and Strela/Ghost. While it may seem intuitive to run with ghost/suppressed to stay completely off the map, I feel like it's limiting. Instead of going all Ghost Recon on these people, try lightweight/law/suppressed for maximum spawn harvesting. I recommend spyplane/napalm/attack helo or sentry gun, depending on skill level. Ghosty fools will love you if you run with sentry gun, and I'm finding it a pretty effective killstreak, but I digress.(Am I clever enough to end these like Xbox Ahoy? Let's find out) This combo will keep you in the know of where they're at through recon and map control. You'll find your targets unable to avoid your killing field, (no.)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hello everybody!

I'm going to have to delay the advanced M16 tactics, I've got to help my aunt with some chores.
As penance, I'll throw up some callout maps.

Learn them, use them love them.

Everyone loves insanity wolf!

Friday, January 28, 2011

CODBO Rage comic

Okay, maybe I lied about going to sleep and really just turned my xbox back on. As penance, I'll give you some advice a friend sent me:
  • corners don't run around them, ever.
  • sleight of hand pro, best perk by far. It's the new stopping power, if you don't use it and think something else is better you're doing it wrong. Nearly every competitive gamer uses it. This tells us something.
  • predict spawns flips, learn to read the triangles on the map and second guess your opponents, and the general direction they might be coming from.
  • subscribe to good youtube player/commentators watching better players play helps you. tmartn, fataierror, xcalizorz are my favourite for gameplay skill rather than personality.
  • Learn to bait and switch. Ducking behind cover and baiting them then springing back out again. Or alternatively flanking around them completely and shooting them in the spine. Basically make gun engagments on your terms. You should try not to duke it out 1 on 1. The best of players can lose against a noob with a famas.
  • Vary your strafe. In one on ones most people go left, it's therefore good to sometimes strafe right.
  • Use overpowered guns, regardless of some stupid notion that it's noobish. Famas and ak74u are the best guns in this game, if you choose not to use them you will die more often as a result.
  • Flak jacket will save your life more than the other perks. It's in my opinion of second gretest value next to SoH.

Alright now people

Just kidding, but now that I've had a while to sit down with the game I can start talking about what makes me successful and how you can be successful too. I've been rolling with assault rifles for most of my time with CODBO, as I imagine most are since it's hard to control your engagement as much as the specialized weapons require without a good understanding of the maps and their hotspots.

I've had a chance to play around with the M16, Enfield and M14. Of these the M16 is the obvious favorite, requiring two burst to kill, one if all bullets land the head. Reload time is reasonable, at two seconds or 2.36 if fully empty. This weapon shines with the ACOG as, bizarrely, the weapon recoil is lowered by the ACOG and Thermal scopes. Great for defensive roles, the M16 is most effective at long-mid range engagements as short range engagements require pinpoint accuracy. Though I've had some success hip firing. masterkey and flamethrower are much better options if you find it hard to avoid CQC. The other attachments don't really synergize with this weapon, but they can come in handy on occasion. I find frags, decoys and claymores; Flak Jacket, Hardened and Hacker work best, but I switch them out on occasion.

Well, I need my sleep if I'm going to be effective tomorrow, and I need to play around with the Einfield a little more before I tell you about it. I'll also discuss a little more M16 strats and how to use it on different maps soon. Thanks for reading everyone!