Friday, January 28, 2011

CODBO Rage comic

Okay, maybe I lied about going to sleep and really just turned my xbox back on. As penance, I'll give you some advice a friend sent me:
  • corners don't run around them, ever.
  • sleight of hand pro, best perk by far. It's the new stopping power, if you don't use it and think something else is better you're doing it wrong. Nearly every competitive gamer uses it. This tells us something.
  • predict spawns flips, learn to read the triangles on the map and second guess your opponents, and the general direction they might be coming from.
  • subscribe to good youtube player/commentators watching better players play helps you. tmartn, fataierror, xcalizorz are my favourite for gameplay skill rather than personality.
  • Learn to bait and switch. Ducking behind cover and baiting them then springing back out again. Or alternatively flanking around them completely and shooting them in the spine. Basically make gun engagments on your terms. You should try not to duke it out 1 on 1. The best of players can lose against a noob with a famas.
  • Vary your strafe. In one on ones most people go left, it's therefore good to sometimes strafe right.
  • Use overpowered guns, regardless of some stupid notion that it's noobish. Famas and ak74u are the best guns in this game, if you choose not to use them you will die more often as a result.
  • Flak jacket will save your life more than the other perks. It's in my opinion of second gretest value next to SoH.