Friday, January 28, 2011

Alright now people

Just kidding, but now that I've had a while to sit down with the game I can start talking about what makes me successful and how you can be successful too. I've been rolling with assault rifles for most of my time with CODBO, as I imagine most are since it's hard to control your engagement as much as the specialized weapons require without a good understanding of the maps and their hotspots.

I've had a chance to play around with the M16, Enfield and M14. Of these the M16 is the obvious favorite, requiring two burst to kill, one if all bullets land the head. Reload time is reasonable, at two seconds or 2.36 if fully empty. This weapon shines with the ACOG as, bizarrely, the weapon recoil is lowered by the ACOG and Thermal scopes. Great for defensive roles, the M16 is most effective at long-mid range engagements as short range engagements require pinpoint accuracy. Though I've had some success hip firing. masterkey and flamethrower are much better options if you find it hard to avoid CQC. The other attachments don't really synergize with this weapon, but they can come in handy on occasion. I find frags, decoys and claymores; Flak Jacket, Hardened and Hacker work best, but I switch them out on occasion.

Well, I need my sleep if I'm going to be effective tomorrow, and I need to play around with the Einfield a little more before I tell you about it. I'll also discuss a little more M16 strats and how to use it on different maps soon. Thanks for reading everyone!

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